Queen Bee Apothecary Small Order

I’ve heard great things about Queen Bee Apothecary, so I decided to give them a try. I’m putting together themed grab bags of sorts for my best friends for Christmas, so I’m trying to get all sorts of new and interesting things for them (and me, let’s be honest) to try.

I ordered:

  • Shea Butter Whipped Cream Soap in “Pineapple” – This stuff has the consistency of a whipped cream cheese frosting. It’s really nice, and a little goes a long way. The Pineapple scent is a little too sweet for me, but it’s not bad at all.
  • Deep Conditioning Hair Mask in “Mandarin Coconut” – This one smells great. I can’t describe if it works well, since it’s a Christmas gift for a friend.
  • Natural Shave Jelly in “Honey Child” – The scent is described as “pear, citrus, punch, honeysuckle, orange blossom, peach; honey, vanilla, woods.” I’ve read other reviews for this product saying how it gives you an incredibly close shave. It has a bizarre consistency, like a thinner shave gel you get out of those spray cans. However, due to its thin texture, you really do get a close shave! I like the Honey Child scent a lot. I was afraid it’d be too floral, but the floral is very far in the background of the other notes. It’s really nice.

All in all, I like the items I ordered, and I would totally order from here again.



The Bathtub Bakery Soaps

I bought a huge, one pound lot of soaps from The Bathtub Bakery. Basically, it’s a lot of “seconds,” perhaps that are the wrong color or whatnot. It was only $8, so why not! This company makes lots of adorable, colorful, and unique glycerin soaps. I quite like glycerin soaps, and I figured that I could give some of the cute ones away as presents.

I received:

– Two popsicle shaped soaps
– Two slice-of-cake shaped soaps (one chocolate slice and one fruitcake slice)
– A big lollipop shaped soap
– And two little cherry shaped soaps

All in all, it wasn’t a bad deal for $8. None of them seemed like “seconds” at all. I’ve already given them as gifts, so that made it worth it to me!



Fortune Cookie Soap Fall Box 2014

Fortune Cookie Soaps (FCS) has a quarterly subscription service where you receive a (usually) seasons-themed box every four months. As an added bonus, you get a $10 credit when you get your box, so you can use that to buy some of the full-sized things you may have liked in the seasonal box!

The Fall box is sold out already, but if you’re interested, you can sign up for the Winter box in advance here.

So, on to the box!

boxtwo copy

boxone copyHere are the contents:

  • “There’s No Place Like Home” fortune cookie soap. I think it smells amazing! It’s got a definite apple smell, and then on top of that is the traditional Christmas spices. Plus it’s even more beautiful and glittery in person, although thankfully the glitter is imbedded into the actual soap.

    From my instagram.

  • “Roy G Biv” OCD hand sanitizer: I love this! It’s described as a clean smell with light autumn leaves and other autumn outdoor smells mixed along in with it. I find that it smells really clean and fresh.
  • “Green Is the New Black” : This whipped cream is basically supposed to smell like a pumpkin pie! However, it doesn’t for me, which is disappointing. It smells like 85% vanilla cake, 10% pumpkin, and 5% spices to me. I’m not a fan of cake scents, so I’m going to have to swap or trade with someone, I think.
  • “Swankified” walnut facial scrub: This stuff smells like a banana nut muffin, but in a good way. The fake food scent that I don’t like isn’t present in this one. It smells mostly like a sweet almond smell and then another nutty smell with a hint of banana to me.
  • “Miss Popular” bubble bath powder: I like this smell! I’ve read so many comments elsewhere where people have hated it, but I think it smells like a nice floral with a hint of something “exotic,” which I am assuming is the star anise scent.
  • “Hair Flip” hair oil: I so wanted to like this, and if it works well, I’ll try and get past the scent. For me, the scent is straight fake bakery scent, which I hate plus a nutty scent. I know other people love it, so it’s just a personal preference.
  • “Flying Monkeys” personal space: I love this one! The banana scent is very low in this product, which I am glad for. It’s like spraying a fruit salad scent around your room! It’s sweet and fruity, but not so sweet that it’s cloying. I’d really like this scent in some other products, or at least Mist Me (a body mist.)
  • “The Shiz” perfume oil: People online are so divided about this one! Personally, I love it. The scent leans toward the masculine, but I don’t mind. It smells like the card description to me. “A woodland hike though damp balsam woods, with top notes of maple leaves blowing through new dawn blossom, laurel, and sweet clove.” I smell all of these things in the perfume oil! I will say that the balsam/masculine scent is the biggest note, but as you wear it, it dries down to a slightly less masculine smell. I’d also like this one in Mist Me and Personal Space.


This is my first box even though I’ve been shopping with FCS forever. I love it! I may not love all of the items in it, but I do like the thought that went into creating this collection. There’s only one item I won’t use, so I’m happy with it!

Fortune Cookie Soap Summer Products

I bought three products from FCS when they launched their “Sun in the Fun” collection.


I bought:


  • “Bug Juice” Bug Spray: This product is basically an all-natural bug spray with none of the regular DEET or similar chemicals you’ll find in drugstore bug sprays. It smells a little weird, but not bad. I’ve only tried it once, but while I was wearing it no bugs bit me!


  • “Make it STAAHHHP!” Bug Bite Balm: The name alone is hilarious! This bite balm is supposed to soothe your bites in a natural way. Surprisingly, it worked! I had a nasty yellow fly bit the size of my own fist, and five minutes after I applied this bug balm it felt so much less itchy. The bite didn’t go away, but the balm did take away most of the itch and made it feel cooler.


  • “Popsicle” lip balm: I really like the texture of this balm. It’s not at all waxy, which I hate. It goes on very smooth. My only complaint is that it has a faint floral flavor to it, which I think might have something to do with the SPF factor. Unfortunately, the flavor makes it not eligible for my favorite lip balm category. It’s still nice, though. FCS’s “Top Shelf Margarita” lip balm (not in this collection) is one of my favorites, so I really think it’s the flavors and scents that throw me off, because their base formula is great.


I’m torn on buying from their Christmas in July sale. I don’t need anything from them, but it’s so fun picking stuff out and I really want one of those ugly Christmas sweater fortune cookie soaps. LoL

Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag July 2014

Here it is! I got the small version, but there is a larger version available for $25.


All of the contents of July's box.

All of the contents of July’s box.


It contains three polishes:

  • Deep Heart Sea- A blue jelly glitter with a tiny bit of purple iridescence mixed with tons of other glitters, including hot pink chunks and white hearts. It looks nice layered on top of itself.

photo 3(1)

  • Viridis – Has lots of neon green stars in a light neon green jelly base.
  • Chemical Plant – This one is a lovely straight, small glitter polish. It has magenta and gold tiny glitter with a tiny bit of blue in there, too. It’s very lovely in person!
All three polishes.

All three polishes.

  • The mystery bag also came with some Midori perfume (it’s a summery, fruity smell), Midori cooling gel with aloe (very nice), and a midori scented cuticle balm (I can never have enough of those). The orange thing behind the polishes in the first photo is an advertisement for Rainbow Honey’s new summer line called “Mix Tape.” It looks like it’ll be great. It comes out on July 18 and will have twelve new colors. I can’t wait to see what they look like.

All in all, this was a really good mystery bag once again. I love two of the colors, and I do like the other color fine. I love the midori scent, and I appreciate it’s difference from last month’s bakery-scented items!




New (to me) Korean Skincare and Makeup

Ever since I heard of Memebox, the company that curates different boxes with Korean makeup and skincare products, I was seriously interested in this idea. Finally a few weeks ago, after lurking around in some Memebox forums, I made the plunge. First I ordered a package deal that has two memeboxes in it. Then I caved and ordered the Cute Wishlist box. And finally, I purchased the Girls’ Night Out box (it’ll be my own birthday present to myself!). I think the first of them ships at the beginning of August, so you’ll be sure to see lots of posts then!


Until then, here is a sampling of the things that I have bought on my own.

I got an amazing sampler kit from this place. I know it looks a bit sketchy, but my ordered arrived with zero problems, and it only took about two weeks for me to get it. I made sure to pay with paypal instead of a credit card, just in case. I’m going to do a whole post just about the samples! That sounds crazy, but there are so many of them.

I also got this TonyMoly gel-type moisturizing cream. I love it. It has a light citrusy scent, but nothing that bothers my pretty sensitive facial skin. Usually it comes in a large tub, but I got this promo packaging from beautynetkorea.com. I wanted to try it without having to shell out the bigger bucks for a large tub of it. It does feel very wet when you first put it on, but as it soaks in, the texture feels very nice.

Great stuff.

Great stuff.

I got another TonyMoly product: Crystal Lovley (their spelling, not mine) Eyes. It’s a wonderful eyeliner/eyeshadow stick combo! If I put on eye primer before I use this, it seriously takes me twenty seconds to do my eye makeup. I love it!



Eyeshadow swatch on top. Liner swatch on bottom.

Eyeshadow swatch on top.
Liner swatch on bottom.


That’s it for now. In the next post I’ll talk about all of the samples I got in the package from Eopenmarket.


Skip this next bit if you don’t want to hear my ramblings on beauty blogging.
Sorry I haven’t really been writing lately. Sometimes I see other people’s wonderful blogs that have hundreds of hits a day and it discourages me. I know I shouldn’t let it bother me, but that’s just part of my personality. I have some money to spend on these things, but only the things I really want; I can’t shell out money for the more popular boxes just to be able to review them for my audience. Plus I really like to show things that I truly like or have solid reasons for disliking instead of giving grand overviews of different subscription boxes. That’s more of my style. Thanks for reading this, and I hope you read the next installment on Korean skincare samplers!


Edit to add: This is my fiftieth blog post!

Loot Crate June 2014

Loot Crate is a “nerd” subscription box. Each month they send you some nerdy items and a t-shirt for $13.99 plus shipping. This month’s theme?  Transformers. They didn’t announce the theme until days after I had signed up, otherwise I would not have done so. Previous months I’ve seen have had a theme but with a variety of items from different “fandoms.” This month? All Transformers.


  • A hideous Back to the Future + Transformers mash-up t-shirt
  • Some kind of Transformers blind box toy
  • A Transformers Hexbug toy
  • Stickers
  • A button
  • Some kind of wrist sweat band?
  • A few pieces of candy

That’s it. I’m kind of irritated that I spent money on this, because it was completely not worth it to me. Besides the t-shirt and the toys, everything else in the box is advertisement for Loot Crate or Major League Gaming, which is stuff I would never pay for in the first place. I don’t think I’ll order one of these again.