Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag June 2014

I got my Rainbow Honey bag today! It’s $10 a month for a mini bag (plus shipping) and $25 a month for the big bag (free shipping).



The bag! (sorry about the washed out colors)

  • “Tea Biscuit” exfoliating sugar scrub soap: I’m not sure what to think of this scent. It’s very food-y, which I’m not a big fan of, but it’s not bad. I do quite like the idea of a sugar scrub/soap in one, though!
  • “Tea Biscuit” cuticle balm: This is in the same scent. I love the Rainbow Honey cuticle balms, so even though I don’t love the scent, I will totally use this.
  • “Nucifera” eau de parfum rollerball: It is very hard to describe this perfume. The first scent I get is honey for sure. And then it’s sort of spicy? I have no idea! I will say that I applaud Rainbow Honey for coming up with new, interesting perfumes. None of them smell like anything that you’d buy in a department store, which is amazing, since lots of department store scents can have the same sort of smell to them.

The polishes!

  • “Pikake” nail polish: This one is a glitter “topper” polish that’s a bubblegum pink in the base. It has all different colors of pink round and hex glitter in it!
  • “Rose Macaron” nail polish: This one is another creme polish. It has a light pink base with all sorts of pink and white glitter going through it.
  • “Ichigo” nail polish: Ichigo is a jelly polish in a fuchsia shade. It has all sorts of iridescent flakes in it.
  • Plus they included some cuticle sticks and a little bag of nail art decorations.


Final thoughts:

Again, I love this bag. I saw some spoilers online before I got mine and thought I’d be disappointed, but when I saw everything in person, I loved it. The colors are definitely better in person than in pictures! And once again, this bag is totally worth the $10!


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