SquareHue May 2014

SquareHue is a monthly polish subscription that goes for $19.99 a month. Each month you get three polishes, and the colors all have a theme. This month’s theme was Rio.


(I apologize in advance for having no pictures.)

The polishes are, to me, kind of iffy in quality, especially for the price. They seem thin, and I found that each one needs many coats to get good coverage.

-Leblon is a dark, emerald-type green with a hint of shimmer in it.

-Ipanema is a bright, bright yellow. Very bright.

-Copacabana is a light blue with different colors of blue glitter in it. It’s my favorite out of the bunch, but the base of the polish is so thin that either you need a ton of coats or you need to put it over a base color.

All in all, the colors aren’t terribly flattering. These shades of yellow and green really don’t look great on many skin tones. I know that they look really awful on me, for sure.


Because of the upcoming holiday (Mother’s Day here in the U.S.), shipping was slow. Added on to that is that apparently the post office lost a good portion of people’s boxes. Luckily, they were found again, but I didn’t care for the way SquareHue handled it. They didn’t notify us of the problem. Instead, people had to get onto Facebook and ask SquareHue about it. They told us that we should contact the post office about the situation until they found out what was going on. I felt like that was not my responsibility. Eventually they did send out an e-mail about it, but I feel like they should have done that in the first place. The situation got sorted, and I did get my polishes, at least. Between the weird shipping issues and the quality of the polish, I doubt I’ll subscribe again.


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