Rainbow Honey Mother’s Day Mystery Box 2014

Rainbow Honey put out a special mystery box just for Mother’s Day this year. It was $25 plus shipping. Unfortunately it’s sold out now, but perhaps my post will give you an idea of the quality of future Rainbow Honey boxes like this. (I sure hope they do more!) There were two options: French Lavender (which I chose) an their Sakura Matsuri scent, which is a light floral/lychee smell. The box arrived wonderfully packaged in a sturdy white box held together with gray grosgrain ribbon.


The box:

Mother’s Day mystery box 2014.


  • French Lavender perfume: Very nice. Not too heavy.
  • French Lavender hand cream: Rainbow Honey gave out a sample of their hand cream in one of their previous mostly mystery bags, and I thought it was so, so nice. The scent on this one isn’t too heavy.
  • French Lavender shea butter soap: This is the printed, square object in the back of the photo. I’m definitely putting this by my bathroom sink.
  • French Lavender spa soak: This will be nice and relaxing to use! It’s a salt soak, which would be really nice to use on swollen feet or after a night out in high heels.
  • French Lavender scented top coat

The colors!


  • Sparkling Rose polish: This pink polish is so pretty! The information card said it has real sliver flecks in it, too. Fancy!
  • Mosaic Sky polish: I can not describe how much I love this color. It has so many wonderful colors of glitter in all different shapes and sizes. The majority of the glitter is light blue and a pink that matches the Sparkling Rose color, but then there are many other colors mixed in there, too. I love it.

Final Thoughts: I really liked this box. I think it was a good value, too. The polishes are fantastic and I can’t wait to try out the spa soak.


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