Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag May 2014

Rainbow Honey is my favorite subscription right now. It’s $10 for the mini version (plus 3.95 shipping if you buy it as a one-off purchase, or $2.95 shipping if you subscribe) and $25 for the bigger version (with free shipping).  The versions are mostly the same, except that the bigger bag contains full-sized products.


This month’s products (spoiler alert!):


May’s bag.

  • Neon Blossom polish: I like this! It’s a glitter topper filled with neon pink and green flowers. Very cute! I think it’d go great over some of the less-glitter-filled colors from Rainbow Honey’s Summer of 199X collection.
  • Waves polish: This is like Rainbow Honey’s “The Kraken”‘s little sister. “The Kraken” is one of my favorite polishes ever, so I love this one! This one is full of turquoise glitter, with a little bit of gold glitter. The glitter in this one is finer than “The Kraken.”
  • Petit Four polish: This is my least favorite. I mean, I still like it, but I’m not a big fan of these kind of creme + glitter polishes. I bet it will look nicer on than what I’m imagining, and it definitely looks nicer in person than in my photo! It would look cute over a creme white polish base, or a nice sunny yellow creme base, too. “Petit Four” is a yellow creme base with pink and turquoise/blue glitter in it.
  • Enter Lime! lip balm: Rainbow Honey makes amazing lip balm. Last month I got one in “Rose Nectar” and I use it all the time. Their lip balms are so smooth and moisturizing. They describe this one as a “limeade” flavor/scent.
  • Summer Juice perfume sample: Summer Juice is a very sweet scent. I really can’t put my finger on what it smells like, exactly, other than sweet with a hint of citrus and a hint of some sort of floral. It’s nice, though, and not too heavy.
  • Summer Juice shea butter soap: Pretty self-explanatory. I love that Rainbow Honey includes non-polish items without cutting down on the amount of polish that they send in each bag, and that the polish is still the star of the show. That’s how it should be done!
  • Plus some nail art extras of orange wood sticks and sponge applicators.


Once again, this is so worth the $10! Rainbow Honey does an amazing job of putting together these mystery bags and making sure that you get a good amount and variety of products for your money. I’m really thinking of upgrading to the $25 bag just because I’d like to support Rainbow Honey a bit more (well, and the product sizes are bigger, lol).


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