SocialBliss Style Box

AKA: What a disaster!

I ordered myself a SocialBliss Style Box as a one-time gift purchase. That was my first mistake. If you order a gift subscription from them, there is no way to track it. You don’t get to see the status of this box, and you don’t even get a receipt!

I waited for my box. And waited. And waited some more. Other people on the forums I go on got theirs, and it looked so cute! And still, I waited.

Finally I got so fed up that I contacted SocialBliss customer service. No one answered me for four days. I sent them a facebook message, and the CS representative finally gave me a tracking number and said they were working on the gift subscription issues, and that they were sending out the last of the packages (this was the last week of April).

My package has not moved since April 18. I am pretty mad. I wrote to them again, asking them to please clarify  what is going on. I paid good money (seriously, almost $50) for this subscription and it has been nothing but a headache. They got back to me and said that they have had a shipping problem with the last of the shipments. So… Why did no one from SocialBliss contact me about this? Why did I have to contact them? When they knew there was a problem, they should have informed those from the bad shipment what was going on, because that’s what good customer service is. The CS representative told me they are out of the cute bags from the April box. The April box that I ordered, and that I should get my merchandise from because I paid for it already. They said that they’re waiting on some new (and different) bags, and that they could do a “one time” deal and add in the bonus earrings from April. Seriously? You’re acting like you’re doing me a favor by including some bonus earrings when it’s your fault that this mess even started in the first place? The representative also offered me a charge back on my account. That had better mean “full refund” and not “credit on SocialBliss’s website,” or I will be even more livid.

This whole thing is ridiculous. I paid for the subscription, so I should get what was in April’s box or I should get a refund. End of story. I will never order another thing from them again.


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