New (to me) Eyeshadow Palettes

  • Naked Basics Palette: This is “just ok” to me. I am big fan of matte, nude shadows, but for some reason I didn’t love these. They didn’t load great on my brushes (I tried different brushes just to check), and they require, for my tastes, to have an eyeshadow primer underneath to make the polishes pop more. The first three colors (starting from the left of the palette) really don’t show up at all unless you do lots of blending.


  • Too Faced Natural Palette: I like this one better. The colors pop more. Even though the glitter is a little overkill for me, used in the right amounts it can work just fine. I didn’t get as much fallout with this one as with the Naked palette, and it loaded up on my brushes much better. This one would be my pick, even with all of the glitter in it.


Sorry for such a short post, but I figured after my last, long ranting one that it’d be best to keep it short!


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