Fancy Mystery Box – Women’s Medium

Fancy Box is offering different sized mystery boxes. Small is $10, medium is $20, and large is $40.


Here’s what was in mine:


Medium Fancy Mystery Box.


1. Japonesque Precision Lash Curler  $10.50
2. Stuff Every Woman Should Know [Book]  ~$7
3. Ciate “Corrupted Neon” set in “Shout Out”  $25

4. Creature Cup in “Shark”  $~9



The whole box comes to approximately $51.50, which is way more than the $20 I paid for the box. However, it’s not my favorite box of mystery items I’ve ever gotten. The book? Eh. That’s stuff you can google. It’s literally a book of tips on how to do everyday tasks and how to socialize. The nail polish kit is cute, but knowing the quality of Ciate, I would never pay full price for it. The eyelash curler looks great, and the shark mug is cute. I’ll definitely use those. I will say that the glazing on my shark mug is not great. There are spots near the top where the glaze didn’t settle right. I was going to give it to an ocean-loving friend for her birthday, but now I guess I’ll just keep it myself, since the spots are really obvious.

All in all, I’m not sure if I’d get one of these mystery boxes again. I like some of the items, but I don’t know that I like them enough for $20 and shipping costs.


Birchbox May 2014

You’re probably wondering, “Why in the world is she reviewing this box so late?” Well, the answer is because I still have no Birchbox in my possession. Still. They apologized (barely) and sent me 100 Birchbox points as compensation for having my box out so late, but it has been almost ten days and my box hasn’t arrived yet! When I track it it’s still in the “pre-shipment” phase. I have had the worst luck with stuff like this lately.

My box was late last month, too. I don’t know what is going on at Birchbox, but it doesn’t look good for them. Other people online have had the same problem, and when they write in to Birchbox, the customer service reps give canned responses, say keep waiting, and basically tell them they’ve already received the 100 extra points so deal with it.

The only good thing about Birchbox at this point is their points system. I used what I had, plus the extra points I got for my box being late, and I ordered the Cynthia Rowley Beauty Spring Collection with my points. Hopefully they actually ship this one out! This month’s box is supposed to come with a coupon to use on the Kate Spade Saturday products on Birchbox’s website, but the stock seems to be dwindling, so by the time I get my box I doubt there’d be anything left that I want to buy. Not a good look for Birchbox.

Rainbow Honey Mother’s Day Mystery Box 2014

Rainbow Honey put out a special mystery box just for Mother’s Day this year. It was $25 plus shipping. Unfortunately it’s sold out now, but perhaps my post will give you an idea of the quality of future Rainbow Honey boxes like this. (I sure hope they do more!) There were two options: French Lavender (which I chose) an their Sakura Matsuri scent, which is a light floral/lychee smell. The box arrived wonderfully packaged in a sturdy white box held together with gray grosgrain ribbon.


The box:

Mother’s Day mystery box 2014.


  • French Lavender perfume: Very nice. Not too heavy.
  • French Lavender hand cream: Rainbow Honey gave out a sample of their hand cream in one of their previous mostly mystery bags, and I thought it was so, so nice. The scent on this one isn’t too heavy.
  • French Lavender shea butter soap: This is the printed, square object in the back of the photo. I’m definitely putting this by my bathroom sink.
  • French Lavender spa soak: This will be nice and relaxing to use! It’s a salt soak, which would be really nice to use on swollen feet or after a night out in high heels.
  • French Lavender scented top coat

The colors!


  • Sparkling Rose polish: This pink polish is so pretty! The information card said it has real sliver flecks in it, too. Fancy!
  • Mosaic Sky polish: I can not describe how much I love this color. It has so many wonderful colors of glitter in all different shapes and sizes. The majority of the glitter is light blue and a pink that matches the Sparkling Rose color, but then there are many other colors mixed in there, too. I love it.

Final Thoughts: I really liked this box. I think it was a good value, too. The polishes are fantastic and I can’t wait to try out the spa soak.

SquareHue May 2014

SquareHue is a monthly polish subscription that goes for $19.99 a month. Each month you get three polishes, and the colors all have a theme. This month’s theme was Rio.


(I apologize in advance for having no pictures.)

The polishes are, to me, kind of iffy in quality, especially for the price. They seem thin, and I found that each one needs many coats to get good coverage.

-Leblon is a dark, emerald-type green with a hint of shimmer in it.

-Ipanema is a bright, bright yellow. Very bright.

-Copacabana is a light blue with different colors of blue glitter in it. It’s my favorite out of the bunch, but the base of the polish is so thin that either you need a ton of coats or you need to put it over a base color.

All in all, the colors aren’t terribly flattering. These shades of yellow and green really don’t look great on many skin tones. I know that they look really awful on me, for sure.


Because of the upcoming holiday (Mother’s Day here in the U.S.), shipping was slow. Added on to that is that apparently the post office lost a good portion of people’s boxes. Luckily, they were found again, but I didn’t care for the way SquareHue handled it. They didn’t notify us of the problem. Instead, people had to get onto Facebook and ask SquareHue about it. They told us that we should contact the post office about the situation until they found out what was going on. I felt like that was not my responsibility. Eventually they did send out an e-mail about it, but I feel like they should have done that in the first place. The situation got sorted, and I did get my polishes, at least. Between the weird shipping issues and the quality of the polish, I doubt I’ll subscribe again.

Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag May 2014

Rainbow Honey is my favorite subscription right now. It’s $10 for the mini version (plus 3.95 shipping if you buy it as a one-off purchase, or $2.95 shipping if you subscribe) and $25 for the bigger version (with free shipping).  The versions are mostly the same, except that the bigger bag contains full-sized products.


This month’s products (spoiler alert!):


May’s bag.

  • Neon Blossom polish: I like this! It’s a glitter topper filled with neon pink and green flowers. Very cute! I think it’d go great over some of the less-glitter-filled colors from Rainbow Honey’s Summer of 199X collection.
  • Waves polish: This is like Rainbow Honey’s “The Kraken”‘s little sister. “The Kraken” is one of my favorite polishes ever, so I love this one! This one is full of turquoise glitter, with a little bit of gold glitter. The glitter in this one is finer than “The Kraken.”
  • Petit Four polish: This is my least favorite. I mean, I still like it, but I’m not a big fan of these kind of creme + glitter polishes. I bet it will look nicer on than what I’m imagining, and it definitely looks nicer in person than in my photo! It would look cute over a creme white polish base, or a nice sunny yellow creme base, too. “Petit Four” is a yellow creme base with pink and turquoise/blue glitter in it.
  • Enter Lime! lip balm: Rainbow Honey makes amazing lip balm. Last month I got one in “Rose Nectar” and I use it all the time. Their lip balms are so smooth and moisturizing. They describe this one as a “limeade” flavor/scent.
  • Summer Juice perfume sample: Summer Juice is a very sweet scent. I really can’t put my finger on what it smells like, exactly, other than sweet with a hint of citrus and a hint of some sort of floral. It’s nice, though, and not too heavy.
  • Summer Juice shea butter soap: Pretty self-explanatory. I love that Rainbow Honey includes non-polish items without cutting down on the amount of polish that they send in each bag, and that the polish is still the star of the show. That’s how it should be done!
  • Plus some nail art extras of orange wood sticks and sponge applicators.


Once again, this is so worth the $10! Rainbow Honey does an amazing job of putting together these mystery bags and making sure that you get a good amount and variety of products for your money. I’m really thinking of upgrading to the $25 bag just because I’d like to support Rainbow Honey a bit more (well, and the product sizes are bigger, lol).

New (to me) Eyeshadow Palettes

  • Naked Basics Palette: This is “just ok” to me. I am big fan of matte, nude shadows, but for some reason I didn’t love these. They didn’t load great on my brushes (I tried different brushes just to check), and they require, for my tastes, to have an eyeshadow primer underneath to make the polishes pop more. The first three colors (starting from the left of the palette) really don’t show up at all unless you do lots of blending.


  • Too Faced Natural Palette: I like this one better. The colors pop more. Even though the glitter is a little overkill for me, used in the right amounts it can work just fine. I didn’t get as much fallout with this one as with the Naked palette, and it loaded up on my brushes much better. This one would be my pick, even with all of the glitter in it.


Sorry for such a short post, but I figured after my last, long ranting one that it’d be best to keep it short!

SocialBliss Style Box

AKA: What a disaster!

I ordered myself a SocialBliss Style Box as a one-time gift purchase. That was my first mistake. If you order a gift subscription from them, there is no way to track it. You don’t get to see the status of this box, and you don’t even get a receipt!

I waited for my box. And waited. And waited some more. Other people on the forums I go on got theirs, and it looked so cute! And still, I waited.

Finally I got so fed up that I contacted SocialBliss customer service. No one answered me for four days. I sent them a facebook message, and the CS representative finally gave me a tracking number and said they were working on the gift subscription issues, and that they were sending out the last of the packages (this was the last week of April).

My package has not moved since April 18. I am pretty mad. I wrote to them again, asking them to please clarify  what is going on. I paid good money (seriously, almost $50) for this subscription and it has been nothing but a headache. They got back to me and said that they have had a shipping problem with the last of the shipments. So… Why did no one from SocialBliss contact me about this? Why did I have to contact them? When they knew there was a problem, they should have informed those from the bad shipment what was going on, because that’s what good customer service is. The CS representative told me they are out of the cute bags from the April box. The April box that I ordered, and that I should get my merchandise from because I paid for it already. They said that they’re waiting on some new (and different) bags, and that they could do a “one time” deal and add in the bonus earrings from April. Seriously? You’re acting like you’re doing me a favor by including some bonus earrings when it’s your fault that this mess even started in the first place? The representative also offered me a charge back on my account. That had better mean “full refund” and not “credit on SocialBliss’s website,” or I will be even more livid.

This whole thing is ridiculous. I paid for the subscription, so I should get what was in April’s box or I should get a refund. End of story. I will never order another thing from them again.