Latest Subscriptions

There are a few subscription boxes I have received that I haven’t really written about for one reason or another.


1. Orange Glad Sweet Box– This was “meh” for me. All of the products arrived in excellent shape, and everything was just fine. However, I really expected to be wowed. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but maybe I’m a better baker than I thought I was, because I feel like I could make all of the items I got in this box, and they might even taste better. I will say that Orange Glad’s customer service is very good. They were super nice to me. Some of the brownies that were supposed to come in my box were not in there. I e-mailed to ask about it, and they sent me two fresh ones right away. I definitely recommend Orange Glad for gift-giving. It’d be a nice thing for someone to get an unexpected box of brownies, cookies, and other sweets as a present!

2. Birchbox – Again, “meh.” I got the Cynthia Rowley silver eyeliner, and it’s so soft that it falls apart when  you use it! I also got a blue nail polish (eh…), and a packet of samples by Nyakio. They all smelled so awful to me. Two of the products smell very medicinal, an the third just smelled… bad. The only thing I liked was the shampoo by Keims. It made my hair very soft. It smells a little funky, but not too bad.

3. Popsugar – Ugh. I ordered the last Popsugar box with the half-off coupon. You would think I’d be treated like any other customer, but no. It took so long for my package to even ship, let alone arrive at my house! Seriously. Other people on the makeup/subscription forum I go on got their boxes weeks before I did. People who used the half-off coupon definitely got the last of the shipments. Luckily everything in mine was fine/not broken. It was a really good deal, and I love all of the products (especially the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette), but I felt like Customer Service didn’t give a fig about those who used the coupon.

4. Julep – I am free of the Julep beast! (Kidding!) Seriously, though, I’ve been disappointed in Julep lately. I’ve skipped so many boxes. The formulations have gone downhill from my perspective. Every month it’s creme colors out the wazoo. I’ve seen them do a mint creme polish so many times, just with tiny variations in the shade of green. I wish they would do some innovative and interesting polish finishes, but I don’t see it happening, so I totally cancelled.

5. Rainbow Honey – In place of Julep, I’ve signed up for the Rainbow Honey mystery bag subscription! I’ve loved every one of these that I’ve received so far, so I went ahead and signed up to get one every month.


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