Benefit Feelin’ Dandy Kit

The Benefit Feelin’ Dandy Lip & Cheek Kit is the latest makeup thing I’ve bought. I love it!


The box.


The box everything comes in is really cute, and you can take out all of the makeup and use the box to store other little items, if you want.


The kit comes with some great products:

  • Benefit Posetint- This is one of my favorite lip tint/stains. It’s a nice light pink color.
  • Benefit Dandelion- This blush is very, very light, but I like it. It has a shimmery quality to it.
  • Benefit High Beam- Highlighters can go kind of weird on me, but this one is great. It has a very, very light pink tint to it and looks sort of pearlized.
  • Benefit Ultra Plush Dandelion- This one is the lip gloss. It looks a lot darker/more brown both online and in person in the tube. However, when you put it on, it’s a very sheer, light pink. Very nice!

All in all, I really liked this kit. I thought it was a good deal for the price ($28). I also think it’d make a great gift for friends who love makeup, especially since the box is reusable and looks cute.


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