AROAMAS Solid Perfume

I got my AROAMAS order much earlier than I anticipated, since it came all the way from Australia. It took about seven days to get to me in the U.S.


Aromas samples.

Aromas samples.


I really like how the samples arrived. Each was in their own individual resealable bag with the fragrance name clearly marked on the back. There’s enough of each sample to get a couple of uses out of them.


Thoughts on some of the scents:

Parisian: This is very sweet, but not sickly sweet. It’s nice.

Dream: This turned more musky on my skin than I was expecting. I still like it, but it was not what I was expecting.

My favorites: One Way Ticket and Free Spirit. Both are really light, but not so light that you can smell them. One Way Ticket is bright and clean smelling to me. Free Spirit is very fruity, but it has nice musk undertones so that the fruit scents don’t overpower the whole fragrance.

My least favorite: Bondi Beach. The website described this as smelling like the beach and sunscreen, and it certainly does. It’s really just not for me.


All in all, I really liked all of my samples. I think I’ll probably order full sizes of One Way Ticket, Free Spirit, and maybe one more!


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