Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag April 2014

I just got my Rainbow Honey mystery bag for this month. It’s amazing! Rainbow Honey is, by far, my favorite nail polish company ever. They’ve been doing mystery bags for a while now, but they just started a monthly subscription service for them. You can still buy the mystery bags outright without a subscription, or you can get one for free if you spend more than $65 at Rainbow Honey. The bags are $10 plus shipping. The subscription comes in two choices: mini, for $10, or large, for $25. The difference between the two is that the mini subscription comes with mini-sized polishes, and the large has their regular-sized polishes and ships for free.


What’s in the bag? I will say from here on out, there are spoilers. If you don’t want to know what’s in the bag, look away! (I pasted my own post from MakeupTalk here, if this looks familiar.)


April's polishes.

April’s polishes.


– Cameo 18 polish- It’s a bubblegum pink cream polish. Very nice!
– Stellar Travel polish- Super glitter time! The majority of the glitter is a fine pink, but then it has pretty much every other color in there, too. And tiny little hot pink stars! It’s so cute.
– All Your Base – Base coat. LoL at the name. (“All your base [coat] are belong to us” now. I’m sure everyone will make that joke.) I love their top coat, so I hope I love their base coat just as much.
– Rose Nectar Rollerball- Perfume sample. I don’t know how I feel about the scent, but I’m not a big rose person. It’s kind of a sweet smell, and the rose scent in there is also a sweeter rose than I’m used to smelling.
– Sparkling Agave Pigment- This is loose pigment in a jar. It came with two foam eyeshadow applicators. They say these are “cosmetic pigments,” so I guess you can use them as eyeshadow? It’s a light green-blue color with a sparkling glitter element, just like their Sparkling Agave polish.
– Rose Nectar Lip Balm- This is the same scent as the rollerball perfume. It feels so nice on. The majority of the ingredients are natural oils (avocado, coconut, etc.).
– Plus ten nail art studs! Mine are little gold square studs.

Conclusion: All of this for $10 (plus shipping)?! That’s right. I think it’s completely worth the money. I love the polishes, and I can’t wait to try them out with the base coat.


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