New Perfume

I just found out about a solid perfume called AROMAS. I’m really excited.

They’re solid perfume that comes in stick form, like chapstick. I’ve used solid perfume before, but its always come in little pots that you have to dip your finger in. This way, you just unroll the perfume and apply it. Neat! I wasn’t sure which scent to choose, but they have sampler packs, so I got the biggest one they have. It was a little less than $13 including shipping (all the way from Australia!), and comes with seven samples. You get to choose which ones you’d like, and apparently they’re good for many uses, so you can get a feel for how the scents work for you. I’m looking forward to smelling Almaty Apple. The website says that people find that it smells like DKNY’s “Be Delicious,” which I do like. It’d be nice to have a much cheaper alternative to that!


Edit to add: I just ordered this a few hours ago, and they already sent me a “your order has shipped” email. Awesome!


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