Popsugar Sale!

*This post has referral links.

Edit: Apparently the code no longer works. That was quick. It was only up for two days total, I believe. Hope you all got a box if you wanted one!


Attention all subscription box lovers!

Popsugar Must Have Box has a sale code right now for April’s box. The code is: CHANNEL7. This gets you 50% off the regular price! (Also, fair warning, the Popsugar website has a sort of irritating auto-play video!) The box includes free shipping. After this month, it does auto-bill you each month at the regular price, so if you sign up and don’t want another month, make sure to cancel before next month.


There are spoilers for April’s box on the web, compiled by the ever-so-nice Ramblings of a Suburban Mom, in picture format. I don’t want to hotlink her image, so see her post here.

The box is supposed to contain around $130 worth of products, including (SPOILER alert) a fantastic Too Faced eyeshadow palette, among other things! That alone made me sign up as fast as I could. I’m not sure how long this box will be in stock, since it seems like a good one!


My referral link is http://popsu.gr/rBcT, if you’re interested. (Of course, you are certainly not obligated to go through my referral link if you don’t want!)


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