Goodies.Co Taster’s Box August 2013

Goodies is supposed to be a service to let you try out interesting new snacks for $7 a month. Well, not anymore. I was disappointed last month, but this month is even worse!



  • Orion Cookie Crackers- They’re bland and boring.
  • Rocky Mountain Popcorn Poplets- These are little half-popped pieces of popcorn kernels. Why in the world would I want to eat those? Not to mention, the package that Goodies sent is clearly labeled “free sample.” As in, this is the kind of sample you’d get at the grocery store for FREE. Seriously? A free sample of the half-popped popcorn from the bottom of the bag?
  • Ojo Nectar Mango Blackcurrant drink- Allegedly this is an “eye health” drink, but that seems like a gimmick to me. The label says it’s 50% juice.
  • Barnie’s Coffee Hawaiian Hazelnut flavored liquid coffee- Yeah… I like real coffee, not liquid stuff. Plus there’s only enough here to make one cup.
  • Veggie Crisps- I’m not even sure what to label these. They heading is “eatsmart” and then under that “Synder’s of Hanover,” so I guess that’s who makes them. They’re not listed on the items I’m supposed to review on my Goodies page, so either these were sent by accident or Goodies forgot to put them on the website.
  • Morris International Co. Wild Fruit Tangy Zangy Twisties- They’re sour chewy candy. The package is so small. It has maybe two bites of candy in it. Goodies just sent out the exact same sour candy a few months ago. The packages they sent out then were huge, full sized packets.

Conclusions: I am cancelling this for sure. I tried Goodies again because the quality seemed to be improving, but I was wrong. It has gone so downhill that it’s not even worth $7 a month.


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