Love With Food August 2013

Love With Food is a “gourmet” food sampling subscription service. For $12 a month (I swear it used to be $10, but maybe I’m imagining things), they’ll send you a box of snacks. The website says they’ll send “8+” snacks in your box, and they’ll donate a meal to a hungry child with each box purchased. The theme for this month’s box is “Backyard BBQ.”

First Impressions: It’s the same size Love With Food box is usually. It fits inside my mailbox. When I opened it, the box was full of stuff!

The box!

The box!


  • Good Boy Organics Sea Salt Potato Chips- These seem to be fancier Pringles-type chips,  but they do look good.
  • El Pinto All Natural Salsa- The package of this is a nice portion. It’s a little bigger than a single serving applesauce container.
  • The Dizzy Pig BBQ Co. All Natural Spice Rub- This is probably enough rub to make coat enough meat for one family meal. It’s your general BBQ rub with paprika, garlic, etc.
  • Rip Van Wafels Amsterdam Waffle Cookie- If you’ve gotten a subscription snack box before, you’ve probably seen these! They’re everywhere, it seems. This one is caramel filled! I’m excited.
  • Aunt Sally’s Original Creamy Praline- I love pralines but hate the pecans in them, go figure. Still, this looks quite good, and I’m pleased to see it’s actually made in New Orleans. (It says they have a store on Decatur Street, so maybe they make them there, or at least close by.)
  • Project7 Sugar-Free Fresh Mints – It says on the package that for every tube of these mints, Project7 will plant a fruit tree. Sounds nice.
  • Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps- These seem to be freeze dried snapeas, and I assume you eat them (shell and all) kind of like edamame. Edit: It’s not like that at all! They’re like little puffed up snack pieces made from pea mash. Oh dear. I think they taste like peanut butter and peas mixed together. Not for me. No thanks.
  • Sahale Snacks Crunchers- This one is a fruit and almond snack. It’s sort of like granola. Mine is cranberry, sesame seed, and honey flavored.
  • The box also came with coupons for the salsa and the snapea crisps. The second one is a buy one, get one free coupon! Pretty good.

Conclusions: All in all, this is a pretty good box. I don’t necessarily think it goes with the “Backyard BBQ” theme, but that’s OK. I’m really glad to see some items in here that I haven’t seen in stores before. That’s why I keep getting this box. Even if I don’t necessarily like everything, it’s fun to try different things. I like that they’ve started including more coupons, as that gives me more incentive to buy full sizes of the snacks (if I can find them!).


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