Julep Golden Mystery Box August 2013

Today I received the Golden Mystery Box I ordered from Julep. It was originally $29.99, but I had a coupon, bringing it down to $20.99!

August 2013 Golden Mystery Box

August 2013 Golden Mystery Box

In the box:

  • Julep Everyday SPF Hand Cream- It feels OK on my hands, although it’s a tad greasy.
  • Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment- This is supposed to somehow infuse your nails with vitamins and oxygen to make them stronger. You’re supposed to wear just this — no polish — once or twice a week. It looks like a slightly pink tinted clear coat.
  • Hair ties in lime green, taupe, and sparkly black.
  • Polish in Drew- This is a watermelon pink. It’s seriously bright, but I like it. I was able to make it go on smoothly with just one coat.
  • Polish in Layne- This color is the palest of pinks, and it’s not a creme, so it’s completely sheer. I had to try four coats of it to look like I was wearing polish, and even then, it just looked like I had bad acrylics on because it was so thick. I think this would be a nice color to use while doing french tips or just to wear if you don’t want to wear any color but want to protect your nails. Otherwise, it’s pretty boring.
  • Polish in Bunny- Being a white creme with a slight gold shimmer, this color is not something I was expecting to like. However, it actually looks pretty good on!
  • Polish in Sheryl- Gold glitter/shimmer makes up the majority of this polish. It has a light orange base, but it’s barely visible. To get full(ish) coverage, you’d need about four coats of Sheryl. I experimented and tried it on top of Bunny and Sheryl became very, very yellow with gold sparkle. I like this polish, in general, way less than I thought I would.
  • Taffy pieces

Conclusions: All in all, I like my box. It’s not the greatest thing ever, but I got some interesting colors. Had I paid full price, I’m not sure I would have been as happy. Still, I got seven items, so that’s about $3 a piece. Not bad!


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