Hello Fresh Review, pt. 2

You can see pt. 1, where I explain the box and what’s inside, here.

First I made the Tilapia with Orange Butter Sauce and Gingered Quinoa. I did a terrible job. I’ve never cooked fish or quinoa before! I’ve only had the pre-made quinoa that comes in individual containers.

Tilapia disaster.

Tilapia disaster.


  1. It took me forty minutes to prepare the whole thing. The recipe says it takes thirty, but I’m a bit slow at chopping everything.
  2. The recipe instructions were very clear, for the most part. (More on that in a minute.)
  3. My cat really, really liked the smell of what was cooking.


  1. The recipe doesn’t tell you how much salt and pepper to use. I didn’t use nearly enough because I was afraid the chicken bouillon cube (used as stock in the quinoa) would be really salty. It also told me to fry up some green onions, but I can’t find anywhere on the card where it says to use them. I assume it was as a garnish.
  2. The ginger in the quinoa overpowers everything else in the entire dish. Again, the recipe didn’t say how much to use, so it’s assumed that I’m supposed to use the whole chunk they gave me. I didn’t even use that much and the ginger flavor was too present.
  3. The recipe called for putting the nectarine sections in the middle of the fish, then folding the fillet over to make a little bundle. The fish would absolutely not fold over onto itself.

Final Thoughts: I really didn’t like this dish, but then again I don’t like seafood at all.

Next up, I made the Spicy Sesame Beef with Sauteed AsparagusThere’s no picture for this one because it was so… nope.


  1. The instructions were pretty clear, but then again they’re in a terrible order.


  1. The asparagus was way, way undercooked. It said to blanch them for 1-2 minutes, and then cold shock them. Then they’re added to the stir-fry and cooked for maybe another two minutes. They were hard and chewy.
  2. Again, there’s no salt and pepper measurements.
  3. The meal was SO bland, despite the garlic, soy sauce, and chili flakes. The noodles would not soak up any of the sauce.

Final Thoughts: I didn’t dislike this one as much as the fish dish, but I certainly wouldn’t want it again.

Conclusions: I know that part of my not liking Hello Fresh so much was my own fault, because I don’t like fish. The dishes themselves, however, were not great. I followed the instructions almost exactly, except when the food wouldn’t cooperate (like the fish) and the food was all very bland.  I haven’t even tried making the chicken parmesan meatballs yet, so all of that stuff went into the freezer. For $69 a week, I’d rather just take the time to go to the grocery store and buy what I want, or better yet, order food to go from somewhere I like to eat. Hello Fresh seems like a nice way to save some time (not having to go to the store, hardly any prep time needed to cook), but I don’t think it’s worth the money, nor did I think any of it tasted very good.


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