Goodies Taster’s Box July 2013

I’m not even going to do a real review for this box because I’m so disappointed. This box is tiny. I don’t expect a ton of items for $7 a month, but I do expect something.

I got:

  • Cosmos Creations salted caramel popcorn- The sample bag is tiny, and has approximately one handful of popcorn in it.
  • Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers- I’ve had these before and I do not like them. Also, there are literally five crackers in this package.
  • The Better Chip spinch & kale with sea salt chips- These look OK, and they’re the largest out of the chips/popcorn samples.
  • Gimbal’s cherry lovers’ fruit chews- I thought these were jelly beans, but they’re some sort of hybrid between jelly beans and fruit snacks. Still, I like them!
  • Glaceau fruit water in strawberry kiwi- I’ve had this before and I don’t care for it. You can get it at pretty much any grocery or drug store for less than $1.

And that’s it. The box has three bags of chips/popcorn, two of which are tiny, one candy, and one drink.

The only good thing about this particular box is that they separated the drink from the snacks with a cardboard partition, so that the snack bags wouldn’t get squashed during shipping.

Next month I get a free box from all of my reviewing points on the Goodies website, so I think that will be the deciding box. I’m so disappointed with this box because I specifically took my account off of the hold because of the wonderful boxes I’ve been seeing lately. Normally Goodies boxes have quite a number of things in them, even if they’re small. This one has fewer items than I’ve ever seen one of these boxes have and the items are small. I really hope next month’s is better.


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