Fortune Cookie Soap


In the Loop fortune cookie soap

I was bummed that I missed Fortune Cookie Soap’s Summer Box, so I went ahead and just bought some things on my own. I believe some of the stuff I got was in the box, and then some I just liked and wanted to order!

  • “In the Loop” fortune cookie soap: This fortune cookie shaped soap smells (and looks) like Fruit Loops cereal. It’s kind of uncanny. They even got the milk smell and the sort of grain based, baked goods smell. I keep being tempted to handle it very carefully, since it’s so cute, but then again it is soap!
  • “Mother Pucker” shower steamers: These are little squares that you throw onto the floor of your shower, out of the stream of water, that evaporate and work like an aromatherapy scent. The “Mother Pucker” scent is really citrusy, and smells a little like laundry detergent. It’s very strong.
  • “Serenity” shower steamers: These are in a lavender scent. There’s some other smell in there, too, and I can’t quite figure out what it is. Either way, it smells really nice.
  • “Cold Buster” shower steamers: The eucalyptus and peppermint smell of these isn’t terribly overpowering, but will open up your sinuses for sure.
  • Soap Bar Samples 11 pieces: This is really cool! They send you eleven small samples of soap, which is enough to use a few times to get a feel for the smell of each one to see if you’d like to order bigger sizes. Some of the scents I wasn’t too fond of, but I found a couple in this pack that I love. They even included a sample of “Kryptonite,” their glow-in-the-dark soap!
  • OCD hand sanitizer in “Mother Pucker”: This is the same scent as one of the shower steamers I got. It’s citrusy, but I’m glad to find out that it mellows out some after using the product.
  • OCD hand sanitizer in “I Wet My Plants”: The description on the website says that this smells like “melon, jasmine and baby powder,” but I swear it smells just like a grape popsicle to me! I really like FCS’s hand sanitizers. They don’t dry out my hands like some other brands do, and the scent isn’t overpowering.
  • “What? It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere!” fortune cookie soap: I didn’t order this, but got it as a free sample! It’s nice to get full-sized products as a free sample with my order. This has a really sweet smell to it, like a fruity cocktail.
  • “Where the Sun Don’t Shine” bath bomb: Again, this came as a free sample! The scent is like bananas and coconut. The sample is in a packet of granules, but on the website it comes in a cute banana shaped bath bomb.

All in all, I actually like most everything! Some of the soaps that came in the sample package are not for me, especially the ones that smell liked baked goods or anything chocolate. However, nearly everything else smells good. I like that the products have fun names, and some of the soaps (like “In the Loop,” pictured above) have really cute presentations.



*(I included some links in this post, but just so you can check the pages out, if you like. I have no affiliation with the company.)


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