Pink Fancy Box June 2013

Fancy Box is a monthly subscription for random stuff, basically. It’s $39 a month, which is kind of on the steep end. The P!nk Fancy Box is curated by the singer P!nk. (I will say that I had a coupon for the box, so I didn’t pay that much!)


First Impressions: The box is really big and kind of heavy. Upon opening the box, I found that it’s 3/4 of the way full of paper. Bummer.



  • Vapur Element The Anti-Bottle– ($11.99) It’s basically a flat plastic bottle that expands when you fill it. The packaging says that you can fold it and freeze it, and when it’s full it will stand on its own. I got one in pink! It’s cute and I can see myself using this on a regular basis.
  • What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner? book– ($12) It’s a recipe book full of curse words. I have no problem with curse words, but this is just kind of weird. The title is funny, sure, and it’d be funny to see people’s reactions reading the title when it’s mixed in on a bookshelf with regular cookbooks. But having the f-word in every single recipe description gets really old really fast. Some of the recipes actually seem decent, and I like that it’s spiral bound for easy usage, but it’s so weird!
  • Han Cholo Turntable Pendant – At first I thought this was super cute, but the more I look at it, the cheaper it looks. I can not find this exact model online. I see one made of silver, and ones that look like solid brass, but none like the one I got. This one is gold toned with black enamel accents, but I have no idea what metal it’s actually made of. I found a similar one on Amazon that has the description of “brass plated gold,” but it’s out of stock and there’s no price. This really doesn’t feel terribly solid, and it makes clinking noises when the bezel hits the pendant. I’m assuming it’s just brass plated metal of some sort. I can’t find a price for it anywhere other than eBay.
  • NPW Hair Artist Hair Chalks in teal and pink- ($8)- This is temporary hair color in bright shades. I feel like this trend is already over, but maybe I’m just an old fogy. Either way, I think this is a cool idea, but I feel too old to rock pink and teal streaks in my hair! Also, I have dark hair, and the box pretty much says “you need to use a ton of this stuff for it to even show up on dark hair.” Gee, thanks.

Conclusion: The contents of this box add up to $32 plus whatever the necklace is worth. I got a water bottle, a cookbook, a necklace, and some hair chalk. Does the box contain items worth more than the $39 price? Technically. Would I pay $39 for this stuff if it wasn’t in a subscription box? Nope. Will I subscribe to P!nk Fancy Box again? Nope. It does have the rock ‘n roll, kind of edgy vibe that I would expect from a box curated by P!nk, but none of the items are something that made me think, “YES! This is awesome!” It was weirdly disappointing.

*I linked some of the items so that you can see, but I have no affiliation with any of them.


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