Subscription Boxes and Customer Service

Customer service is a big deal to me. If a company has poor customer service, I really don’t want to do business with them. I always start off contacting a company in a polite and friendly manner if I have a problem, so their attitude toward me is also an indicator of whether or not I want to continue with their services. Lately, I’ve had a few customer service issues, shipping issues, and item quality issues with subscription box companies. Here are two instances I’ve dealt with in the past two weeks or so.

1. Naturebox – I like Naturebox. It’s just a little expensive for me right now. However, they have no means of cancelling your account online. None. You have to call their toll-free number to cancel. To me, this is unacceptable for an online-only company. For a brick-and-mortar store, sure. For a company that deals only in online business? No.

I called pretty much as soon as their business hours started. After the automated stuff, someone did answer right away. However, the customer service representative was somewhat rude and had an attitude in their voice. (I’m using neutral pronouns because I don’t want the person to get in trouble [as if anyone from the company would read this, lol] in case they were just having an off day.) I get that it’s early, but it’s also technically business hours so you should be in business mode. The representative asked why I was canceling, and then cut me off mid-explanation. They did offer me a discount, which is nice, but I declined. After that the representative was fairly brusk with me, but did cancel my account like I asked.

2. Popsugar – My last Popsugar box was pretty good, but I got some damaged goods in mine. I e-mailed Popsugar’s customer service, and they were really nice. They sent me replacement items for the ones that were damaged and didn’t even ask for the other items back. They were very polite and apologetic. It’s nice to have a no-fuss customer service experience.


It’s weird to me when companies are rude or angry with customers who are being pleasant, especially over the phone. Even if I’m cancelling, I might want to resubscribe in the future, so being unpleasant deters me from doing that a bit. The nicest customer service experience I had was years ago when I had issues with an online video game subscription. I still remember how nice the guy that talked to me was!


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