Julibox May 2013

Julibox is a cocktail subscription box. It is on the pricier side at $40 a month, or a little cheaper (as low as $36) if you subscribe for six or twelve months. Each month you get enough mixers and alcohol for two cocktails, plus recipe cards to let you know what to make. Julibox emails customers before everything ships to let you know if you need any fruit for the drinks, but everything else is included.

First Impressions: The box itself is really nice, and the packaging is excellent. I received the mixers and the actual alcohol in separate shipments (they come from different states, it seems), but both were packaged securely and with bubble wrap around each bottle. The box with the alcohol in it has lots of packing material so that nothing shifts around too much. It also comes with an envelope that holds information about the box and the recipe cards.

The packaging.

The packaging.

The envelope seal.

The envelope seal.


  • Two G’vine Floraison miniatures- This is a grape and herb/spice infused gin.  The G’Vine website states that it’s “well-balanced” and that it will appeal to both people who love gin and people who don’t.
  • Two Bols Genever miniatures- The Bols Genever website states that this is a “whiskey-like” beverage that also has a juniper berry flavor (like gin).
  • One can of Perrier sparkling water.
Everything from the alcohol box.

Everything from the alcohol box.

  • One Tomr’s Tonic bottle- This is tonic syrup rather than tonic water. You mix it with water (hence the Perrier can) to create your own tonic water. It’s supposed to have a much different flavor from your regular grocery store tonic water. It’s made with the various tonic herbs and real cane sugar. Their website specifically recommends mixing it with gin.
  • One Royal Rose Raspberry Simple Syrup bottle- The Royal Rose website states that their syrups are made in small batches and are 100% organic.
  • One packet of powdered egg whites.

    All of the mixer items.

    All of the mixer items.

The Drinks: I will flat out say that I do not like gin. In fact, I hate it. Hate it. That being said, I’m still going to make and try these drinks. It’ll be fun and I hope they have a different flavor than what I’m used to with gin!

  • Gin & Tonic- This is way better than any other gin & tonic I’ve ever had. Still, the gin flavor is pretty present, and I’m just not a fan of gin. The flavor of the Tomr’s Tonic in there is nice, though. It’s sort of like a heavy ginger ale taste.
  • Clover Club- This drink is very frothy, due to the powdered egg whites and tons of shaking involved. I like it better than the gin & tonic because the gin flavor isn’t as strong and is covered up more by the raspberry syrup.

Conclusions: I love this box. The packaging is great. The actual items inside are unique and interesting. The quality of the items is also really nice. Is the total worth $40? Probably not. You might pay $8 or more per cocktail at a nice bar for these sort of drinks (depending on the bar, I guess!), which would be $32. That being said, I think part of the “value” of this box is the actual experience of trying new things and having fun making the drinks. To me, it’s worth the money and I will continue to subscribe.

*I included links to the various product pages in case you want to take a look, but I have no affiliation with any of them.


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