Box May 2013 is a subscription box company owned and operated by the Walmart corporation, apparently. For $7 a month they send you a box of random assorted snacks. The website states that they’ll send you things that perhaps you wouldn’t normally try out.

First Impressions: Last month’s shipping times were terrible for me. This month they sent the packages out quickly and I got my box within a decent amount of time. I was happy to see that when I opened the box it was actually full of snacks and not just packing paper, like last month.

The box.

The box.

  • Superseedz sea salt flavored shelled pumpkin seeds- I don’t like these in general, so I gave them to my mother because she loves pumpkin seeds. She said they were good.
  • California Olive Ranch olive oil- I like these little packets, and they included two so that there’s definitely enough to try out.

    Olive oil.

    Olive oil.

  • Bronco Bob’s roasted raspberry chipotle sauce- Chipotle is not my favorite flavor in the food world, but this stuff is so good.
  • Numi organic Moroccan mint tea- I like that they included a $1 off coupon with the sample.
  • Beanitos restaurant style, white bean with sea salt- These are apparently like tortilla chips, but made from beans instead of corn.
  • Zico coconut water- I hate coconut water, but I can easily give this away to a friend. It’s a really big sized container, too!
  • Sour Power Straws in both strawberry and four-flavor packs- These are the old movie theater candy you might’ve gotten as a kid. They’re still really good! And sour. So sour.
  • Wholly Guacamole– There is no sample product here, but they included a chip clip and coupon for a free full-sized product.

Conclusion: I really like this box. There’s no theme, which is fine with me because they included so many things. I appreciate that there’s some larger sized items in here and that even the sample sized products are a good size, too.


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