Ulta Gorgeous On the Go (Not a Sub Box)

This post is about a product I purchased outright rather than a subscription box, but I decided it deserved its own post. Plus it is technically is box-shaped! I bought Ulta’s “Ulta Gorgeous On the Go” 61-piece Collection. Yes, it’s one of those big ol’ “cheapie” makeup collections, but it was only $19.99 and I had a decent coupon on top of that. Plus it came with a whole bag of freebie extras (also Ulta brand).

The hideous cover.

The hideous cover.

It has eight palettes of eyeshadows and a blush, plus two dual-ended eyeliners, three lipglosses, three makeup brushes, three eyeshadows applicators, and a little carrying case to put one individual palette and a few other things in. (Also in the hideous snakeskin pattern.)

Here's the takeaway case.

Here’s the takeaway case.

The other side of the big case.

The other side of the big case.

A closeup of some of the shadows.

A closeup of some of the shadows.

All in all, it’s actually not terrible. I tested out some of the shadows and blushes, plus the lipglosses. The shadows vary in quality, as would be expected. Many of the lighter colors hardly show up at all. The darker colors show up much better. Applying the shadows with a nicer brush or even just your fingertip works much better than using the included foam applicators. (Oh, and I will say that I’m super pale, so that might help with the colors looking more pigmented on me.) The blushes, for the most part, are basically the same color with slight variations. Some have glitter/shimmer in them, which I do not like. The lipglosses are OK, but a little bit sticky feeling. The colors are decent, at least. The brushes and applicators I probably won’t use, since I already have decent brushes and I never use those eyeshadow applicators. Is the quality of this case up to the same standards as say Smashbox or Urban Decay? No. However, I’d say it’s good for grabbing a palette of colors and a few other items to stash in your bag if you’re going on a weekend trip and don’t want to bring your good makeup. It’s also good for experimenting with colors and techniques, since you don’t have to shell out a ton of money for some of the stranger shades.


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