Ipsy Glam Bag May 2013

This is my second Ipsy bag. With Ipsy, for $10 a month you receive a makeup bag with several samples and some full-sized products. Each month has a different theme, which the bag and products are supposed to fit into. This month’s theme was “Spring Fling.”

First impressions: I love the bag itself. It’s cute and bright. It seems like makeup will wipe off easily from the bag, which is good.


The stuff.

The stuff.

What’s Inside?

  • Yaby concealer refill. Really? Really. It seems more like a sample you’d get at a department store than something you would pay for.
  • Mirabella lipstick in “Pixie”- Yikes, this is bright. It’s relatively sheer, but it’s a very bright mix between coral and hot pink. It’s not a good color for me at all.
  • Pacifica Coconut Crushed Pearl Body Bronzing Butter- I don’t use fake tanning products or bronzers because I’m so pale that they just look orange on me. This smells like a mixture of coconut and play-doh.
  • Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss in “Fig”- The texture of this in the bottle looks gross, but it does go on smooth, and it has a nice smell to it. The Fig color is a light mauve color that I am not feeling at all and it is chock full of shimmer dust. I tried it on my hand, waited a while, and washed it off, and the shimmer STILL wouldn’t come off.
  • Zoya nail polish in “Jacqueline”- I’ve never tried Zoya polish before, so I was really excited to hear that it was going to be in this month’s bag. I am a little disappointed because this color is essentially a creamy white. It’s the luck of the draw what color you get, but it’s not something I’d really wear.

Conclusion: This is not my favorite bag ever. I’ll perhaps use the Zoya polish and the actual makeup bag, but the rest of the stuff I guess I’ll give away to friends. After reading all of the spoilers Ipsy puts out and all of the hype on various websites, this was a big disappointment. I guess I’ll try Ipsy next month, which will be my “keep this sub or not” decision month, but now I know not to give into the hype.


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