Goodies.Co April 2013

This post is late! Late! Hopefully I’ll get the hang of this soon. is a subscription box company owned and operated by the Walmart corporation, apparently. For $7 a month they send you a box of random assorted snacks. The website states that they’ll send you things that perhaps you wouldn’t normally try out. I will say that I’m not too keen on their shipping times and methods. They didn’t ship my April box until April 24. I got it in a few days, so the April box almost arrived in May.

First Impressions: This is a big box! However, upon opening it, I realized that the box is about halfway full of packing raffia/strips of paper.

April's box... minus the popcorn.

April’s box… minus the popcorn.

  • Lady Walton’s Cookies White chocolate amaretto cookies. Not bad, but not something I’d pay for. It reminds me of hotel snacks.
  • Zone Chocolate chip cookie bar – Not great. This is less a snack and more of a nutrition/energy bar. It’s not something I want in a box of premium snacks.
  • Angie’s Popcorn Sweet & Salty kettlecorn – This isn’t in the above picture because I may have eaten the whole bag at 12:00 at night after a night out (and before I took the picture). I can’t stand kettlecorn, but this stuff is great! It has this sugary coating that’s not too thick, and there’s some added saltiness which is really delicious. This is something that I would actually purchase again.
  • Green Plant Sweet Potato Multigrain Chips – These are very weird, but very delicious. They’re not terribly salty, and they’re just a little bit sweet. I would buy these again.
  • Wai Lana Herb and Garlic Chips – Not my favorite thing ever.
  • Reiga Foods White Cheddar Cheese Sauce Mix- Again, this isn’t really a snack. Yes, you can make a snack out of it, but why even put it in this box? Plus it feels like a normal, everyday sort of item, not an “out of the ordinary” thing.
  • $50 Naked Wines gift card
    I said this before in another review, and my opinion has not changed, so I’ll just copy and paste: “Nope. I looked it up, and you have to buy six bottles before you can complete your order, which will probably cost more than the voucher, plus you have to pay $9.99 shipping unless you spend $100. Furthermore, I googled the company and the reviews were really mixed. Some people really liked them, some said that the company automatically enrolls you in their $40 a month program when you make a purchase, and some say that out of six or twelve bottles of wine, only two were drinkable. Pass.”

Conclusions: All in all, there were a couple interesting snacks in this box (minus the wine card). Is it worth $7? Not really. Is it fun to try out some new snacks? Sure. For now, I’ll put my subscription on hold and try again in a few months.


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