Popsugar Box

So I cancelled Popsugar after exactly one box, because I was so disappointed in what I got for $35. Was it more than $35 worth of stuff? Yes. Was it stuff I wanted or would ever use? Not really. Was it interesting, cool trendy stuff like the website seems to make you think you’ll get? Not really. If I remember right, I got some OK mascara, a necklace from a brand I’ve never heard of (the one sort of trendy item), nail polish in ghastly colors (though I have heard of the brand), a lint ball remover, samples of Fashion Tape, underwear wash (yeah, you read that right), a “corkatoo,” and some Peeps. The one item I still use from that box is the corkatoo, which is a corkscrew in the shape of a cockatoo.

Popsugar just sent me one of those “we miss you!” e-mails with a code for 50% off the May box. I caved and signed up. Either the box is going to be great to impress all of the customers who have recently ditched the company (hence the “we miss you” e-mail), or it’s going to be horrible and they just need to get rid of this stock of boxes. LoL. I guess I’ll see and report back with what I get.


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