Ipsy Glam Bag April 2013

I’m pretty late with this review, since I got the bag a while ago!

With Ipsy, for $10 a month you receive a makeup bag with several samples and some full-sized products. Each month has a different theme, which the bag and products are supposed to fit into. April’s theme is “Pretty in Pink.”

First Impressions: The packaging is very cute. It arrived in a metallic hot pink bubble mailer bag. All of the items were tucked into the makeup bag. I think that the makeup bag is cute, but my first thought was that it will get dirty so quickly because it’s mostly white.

What’s Inside?

  • Bag- Like I mentioned, the bag is really cute and a decent size. It seems to be custom made for Ipsy, since the liner has the Ipsy name printed all over it.
  • Two Cosmetic Duo Eyeshadow- I’m normally not a fan of pink eyeshadow, but these pinks are actually pretty good. I like the packaging and the fact that there are two shadows in the same package. However, I have read some weird stuff about the company online.
  • Be a Bombshell Blush- This blush looks like it will look absurd while on, since it’s so hot pink, but I liked it on. It doesn’t show up nearly as heavily as you might imagine. I’ve also heard sort of weird stuff about this company, but I haven’t had any problems with the product.
  • Sation Nail Polish in “Corset I’ll Call You”
    I’m very wary of this polish. I’ve never heard of the brand before, so I did some Googling. I read a few things that said that even though the box and bottle claim that it’s 3-Free, it’s actually not. Therefore, I’m not actually going to put this on. The color is a bit like what you’d find in kid’s dress-up nail polish, and looking at the bottle I can tell that it would need several coats to have any opacity.
  • Sexy Hair Powdery Play (Volumizer)
    This is the one item with a brand name I’ve heard of. It works well as a volumizer, but it feels SO weird on. It goes on like a powder or a dry shampoo, but then I feel this cold, almost damp feeling on my scalp. It’s best used for giving volume to hairstyles like big buns or the top of a dramatic ponytail (or for use on short hair). It gives my hair this weird sticky feeling that I’m not a fan of and I would hate for anyone to touch it and be grossed out.

Conclusion: Ipsy’s website lists loads of name brands that you can possibly receive in your bag. My bag, however, had one brand I’ve heard of. That being said, I liked the makeup bag and most of the items inside, so I’ll continue to subscribe.


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