Love With Food April 2013

Love With Food is a “gourmet” food sampling subscription service. For $10 a month, they’ll send you a box of snacks. The website says they’ll send “8+” snacks in your box, and they’ll donate a meal to a hungry child with each box purchased. April’s box is curated by Food Network celebrity Andrew Zimmern, known for his show Bizarre Foods.

I received my first Love With Food box a few days ago. There are no unboxing pictures, and there might not be for the next few reviews I write, as I’ll mostly be talking about past box experiences before I started this blog.

First impressions: The Love With Food box was much smaller than I anticipated, as it fit comfortably into my mailbox. It was bright red and seemed sturdy, at least. When I opened the box, I was hit with an overwhelming smell of licorice. Then my eyes started to water! Then the sneezing! As it turns out, my box came with a sample of Fennel Pollen, which you’re supposed to use a seasoning. I can’t fault the company for my allergies, but I must have looked crazy opening the box and looking like I was weeping.

What’s Inside?

  • Pollen Ranch Fennel Pollen
    This is the item that made me have such a crazy reaction. It’s a sample-sized packet of pollen seasoning. The card suggests that you use it to season a pork loin. This is the one item I won’t be trying, since I don’t really want to have a bad reaction to it.
  • Bufflo Dip Creamy Buffalo Ranch Dip
    This is labeled as a 2oz sample jar, which seems like plenty to try out. Upon opening it, there was no kind of seal. Awkward. It smells… interesting.
  • Somersaults Sunflower Seed Snack in Salty Pepper
    This is a relatively small sample size. I got six little bites in my bag, which I suppose is enough to try them out.
  • Mini Pops Itty Bitty Butter flavor
    These snacks are air popped sorghum pieces. They’re supposed to be similar to popcorn. I actually remember an episode of Bizarre Foods that featured air popped sorghum, so at least there’s a tie-in there!
  • The Good Bean All Natural Chickpea Snacks in Smoky Chili & Lime
    The bag I received is a pretty decent size with two servings. Not a fan.
  • Oloves Pitted Green olives with Lemon & Garlic
    I really like the presentation of these. If you really love olives, they’d be great to pack in work lunches and snacks, since they’re much more portable than a jar of olives. I like olives, and I like these!
  • Cocomels Coconut Milk Caramels
    These are, frankly, gross. I received one regular flavor, and one sea salt flavor. To me, they were overly sticky and had a strange aftertaste that regular caramel doesn’t have. They have a fairly heavy coconut flavor. The sea salt variety tasted a lot like coconut water, which I can’t stand. They seem to be a big hit on the Food With Love website for the most part, but I didn’t enjoy them at all.

Conclusion: The website states that the boxes come with 8+ gourmet food items. While I did receive eight items, two of them were individual pieces of candy and the third was a sample packet of seasoning. The whole “curated by Andrew Zimmern” thing was disappointing because nothing was that out of the ordinary. I wasn’t expecting fried bugs or anything, but everything was just so… ordinary. I wasn’t really pleased with the box in general, but my expectations were pretty high to begin with. I cancelled my subscription for now, but I would be willing to try it out again in the future.


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