EOpenmarket Lucky Box II Haul

I’ve never really done a haul post here before, so here it goes!

I ordered this Lucky Box II from EOpenmarket. The site seems a little sketchy, so I ordered through PayPal just in case. I got my package about two and a half weeks or so after ordering! Basically, it’s a large sampler box of various Korean cosmetics and skin care products!

It came with a ton of stuff, including this very large sampler kit of Etude House’s “I’m Blooming” line. It came with minis of the cleansing water, lighter cleanser, heavier cleanser, moisturizing mist, and a BB cream.

The biggest sampler.

The biggest sampler.


photo 3

Here’s a swatch of the BB cream on my wrist.

It also had these slightly smaller (but still large) samples:

  • 1 Aloe sheet type mask by the brand “It’s Skin.’ It looks really nice, and I enjoy sheet masks, so I will at least give it a go.
  • Snail Bee High Content Serum – I’m not sure if I want to try this on my skin. I’ve heard of other people having really good results with the snail serums, but it’s the bee part that scares me.
  • Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream – I hold the same reservations as the previous one.

The small samples by brand

  • Missha for Men

o   Science Activator Ampoule

  • Mizon

o   Bee Venom Calming Fresh Cream (Still scared of this!)

o   Crystal Miracle Face Cream (x3)

  • Skin79

o   Super BB (green container) (x3)

o   Super BB VIP Gold Collection (x3)

o   BB Cleanser (x3)

  • Tony Moly

o   Floria Whitening Capsule Essence (x3)

o   Aqua Aura Rich Cream

o   Aqua Aura Moisture Cream (I’m not sure what’s the difference between them.)

o   Pure Aura Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream

o   I’m Real Avocado Rich Cream (x2)

o   I’m Real Tea Tree Sebum & Pore Lotion

o   Tomatox Magic Massage Pack (x2)

o   Red Appletox Honey Cream (x3)

  • Skin Food

o   Black Egg Pore Primer (Luckily it comes out clear. I was a little scared!) (x3)

o   Black Pomegranate Emulsion

o   Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea (I’ll have to ask some other people if they know what this one is. I’m not sure.) (x2)

o   Broccoli Cleansing Foam

o   Royal Honey Mask

  • Holika Holika

o   Good Cera, Moisturization Barrier

  • Etude House

o   Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam. I’m glad to get to try this without having to buy the big thing of it.

o   Moistfull Super Collagen Cream (x2)

o   Fresh Cherry Lip Tint (x4 in light pink, x1 in red)

o   Precious Mineral BB Cream (x4)

o   Nymph Aura Volumer (Again, I’m going to ask to find out what this is!)

o   Face Conditioning Cream (x2)

o   Correct & Care CC Cream Silky (x3)

And that’s it from the sampler pack! I paid $19.99 for the kit, including shipping. I think it’s a great way to try out some products I may not otherwise be able to get a hold of. I’m excited to try out all of the BB and CC creams and find one that’s perfect for me. I’ve been using Missha BB Cream in #21, but it has a tinge of a grayness to it that I have to cover up with some very lightly tinted setting powder. I’ve also been using the “I’m Blooming” set since I got it, and I love it. My face feels nice and the cleansers don’t leave that terrible tight feeling that some others do.

Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag July 2014

Here it is! I got the small version, but there is a larger version available for $25.


All of the contents of July's box.

All of the contents of July’s box.


It contains three polishes:

  • Deep Heart Sea- A blue jelly glitter with a tiny bit of purple iridescence mixed with tons of other glitters, including hot pink chunks and white hearts. It looks nice layered on top of itself.

photo 3(1)

  • Viridis – Has lots of neon green stars in a light neon green jelly base.
  • Chemical Plant – This one is a lovely straight, small glitter polish. It has magenta and gold tiny glitter with a tiny bit of blue in there, too. It’s very lovely in person!
All three polishes.

All three polishes.

  • The mystery bag also came with some Midori perfume (it’s a summery, fruity smell), Midori cooling gel with aloe (very nice), and a midori scented cuticle balm (I can never have enough of those). The orange thing behind the polishes in the first photo is an advertisement for Rainbow Honey’s new summer line called “Mix Tape.” It looks like it’ll be great. It comes out on July 18 and will have twelve new colors. I can’t wait to see what they look like.

All in all, this was a really good mystery bag once again. I love two of the colors, and I do like the other color fine. I love the midori scent, and I appreciate it’s difference from last month’s bakery-scented items!




New (to me) Korean Skincare and Makeup

Ever since I heard of Memebox, the company that curates different boxes with Korean makeup and skincare products, I was seriously interested in this idea. Finally a few weeks ago, after lurking around in some Memebox forums, I made the plunge. First I ordered a package deal that has two memeboxes in it. Then I caved and ordered the Cute Wishlist box. And finally, I purchased the Girls’ Night Out box (it’ll be my own birthday present to myself!). I think the first of them ships at the beginning of August, so you’ll be sure to see lots of posts then!


Until then, here is a sampling of the things that I have bought on my own.

I got an amazing sampler kit from this place. I know it looks a bit sketchy, but my ordered arrived with zero problems, and it only took about two weeks for me to get it. I made sure to pay with paypal instead of a credit card, just in case. I’m going to do a whole post just about the samples! That sounds crazy, but there are so many of them.

I also got this TonyMoly gel-type moisturizing cream. I love it. It has a light citrusy scent, but nothing that bothers my pretty sensitive facial skin. Usually it comes in a large tub, but I got this promo packaging from beautynetkorea.com. I wanted to try it without having to shell out the bigger bucks for a large tub of it. It does feel very wet when you first put it on, but as it soaks in, the texture feels very nice.

Great stuff.

Great stuff.

I got another TonyMoly product: Crystal Lovley (their spelling, not mine) Eyes. It’s a wonderful eyeliner/eyeshadow stick combo! If I put on eye primer before I use this, it seriously takes me twenty seconds to do my eye makeup. I love it!



Eyeshadow swatch on top. Liner swatch on bottom.

Eyeshadow swatch on top.
Liner swatch on bottom.


That’s it for now. In the next post I’ll talk about all of the samples I got in the package from Eopenmarket.


Skip this next bit if you don’t want to hear my ramblings on beauty blogging.
Sorry I haven’t really been writing lately. Sometimes I see other people’s wonderful blogs that have hundreds of hits a day and it discourages me. I know I shouldn’t let it bother me, but that’s just part of my personality. I have some money to spend on these things, but only the things I really want; I can’t shell out money for the more popular boxes just to be able to review them for my audience. Plus I really like to show things that I truly like or have solid reasons for disliking instead of giving grand overviews of different subscription boxes. That’s more of my style. Thanks for reading this, and I hope you read the next installment on Korean skincare samplers!


Edit to add: This is my fiftieth blog post!

Loot Crate June 2014

Loot Crate is a “nerd” subscription box. Each month they send you some nerdy items and a t-shirt for $13.99 plus shipping. This month’s theme?  Transformers. They didn’t announce the theme until days after I had signed up, otherwise I would not have done so. Previous months I’ve seen have had a theme but with a variety of items from different “fandoms.” This month? All Transformers.


  • A hideous Back to the Future + Transformers mash-up t-shirt
  • Some kind of Transformers blind box toy
  • A Transformers Hexbug toy
  • Stickers
  • A button
  • Some kind of wrist sweat band?
  • A few pieces of candy

That’s it. I’m kind of irritated that I spent money on this, because it was completely not worth it to me. Besides the t-shirt and the toys, everything else in the box is advertisement for Loot Crate or Major League Gaming, which is stuff I would never pay for in the first place. I don’t think I’ll order one of these again.

Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag June 2014

I got my Rainbow Honey bag today! It’s $10 a month for a mini bag (plus shipping) and $25 a month for the big bag (free shipping).



The bag! (sorry about the washed out colors)

  • “Tea Biscuit” exfoliating sugar scrub soap: I’m not sure what to think of this scent. It’s very food-y, which I’m not a big fan of, but it’s not bad. I do quite like the idea of a sugar scrub/soap in one, though!
  • “Tea Biscuit” cuticle balm: This is in the same scent. I love the Rainbow Honey cuticle balms, so even though I don’t love the scent, I will totally use this.
  • “Nucifera” eau de parfum rollerball: It is very hard to describe this perfume. The first scent I get is honey for sure. And then it’s sort of spicy? I have no idea! I will say that I applaud Rainbow Honey for coming up with new, interesting perfumes. None of them smell like anything that you’d buy in a department store, which is amazing, since lots of department store scents can have the same sort of smell to them.

The polishes!

  • “Pikake” nail polish: This one is a glitter “topper” polish that’s a bubblegum pink in the base. It has all different colors of pink round and hex glitter in it!
  • “Rose Macaron” nail polish: This one is another creme polish. It has a light pink base with all sorts of pink and white glitter going through it.
  • “Ichigo” nail polish: Ichigo is a jelly polish in a fuchsia shade. It has all sorts of iridescent flakes in it.
  • Plus they included some cuticle sticks and a little bag of nail art decorations.


Final thoughts:

Again, I love this bag. I saw some spoilers online before I got mine and thought I’d be disappointed, but when I saw everything in person, I loved it. The colors are definitely better in person than in pictures! And once again, this bag is totally worth the $10!

Fancy Mystery Box – Women’s Medium

Fancy Box is offering different sized mystery boxes. Small is $10, medium is $20, and large is $40.


Here’s what was in mine:


Medium Fancy Mystery Box.


1. Japonesque Precision Lash Curler  $10.50
2. Stuff Every Woman Should Know [Book]  ~$7
3. Ciate “Corrupted Neon” set in “Shout Out”  $25

4. Creature Cup in “Shark”  $~9



The whole box comes to approximately $51.50, which is way more than the $20 I paid for the box. However, it’s not my favorite box of mystery items I’ve ever gotten. The book? Eh. That’s stuff you can google. It’s literally a book of tips on how to do everyday tasks and how to socialize. The nail polish kit is cute, but knowing the quality of Ciate, I would never pay full price for it. The eyelash curler looks great, and the shark mug is cute. I’ll definitely use those. I will say that the glazing on my shark mug is not great. There are spots near the top where the glaze didn’t settle right. I was going to give it to an ocean-loving friend for her birthday, but now I guess I’ll just keep it myself, since the spots are really obvious.

All in all, I’m not sure if I’d get one of these mystery boxes again. I like some of the items, but I don’t know that I like them enough for $20 and shipping costs.

Birchbox May 2014

You’re probably wondering, “Why in the world is she reviewing this box so late?” Well, the answer is because I still have no Birchbox in my possession. Still. They apologized (barely) and sent me 100 Birchbox points as compensation for having my box out so late, but it has been almost ten days and my box hasn’t arrived yet! When I track it it’s still in the “pre-shipment” phase. I have had the worst luck with stuff like this lately.

My box was late last month, too. I don’t know what is going on at Birchbox, but it doesn’t look good for them. Other people online have had the same problem, and when they write in to Birchbox, the customer service reps give canned responses, say keep waiting, and basically tell them they’ve already received the 100 extra points so deal with it.

The only good thing about Birchbox at this point is their points system. I used what I had, plus the extra points I got for my box being late, and I ordered the Cynthia Rowley Beauty Spring Collection with my points. Hopefully they actually ship this one out! This month’s box is supposed to come with a coupon to use on the Kate Spade Saturday products on Birchbox’s website, but the stock seems to be dwindling, so by the time I get my box I doubt there’d be anything left that I want to buy. Not a good look for Birchbox.